Our Fees

Each anaesthetist sets their own fee. The fee which you will be charged for your anaesthetic service is based on the complexity of the anaesthetic procedure and the time taken in the care of the patient. The fee is in line with the recommendation of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

We will send you anaesthetic information via email or text message as soon as we are notified of your procedure from your surgeon’s room. This will include information about your anaesthetist, preoperative anaesthetic instructions and your anaesthetic fee.

Your total fee will be funded by Medicare (if applicable), your private health insurance (if applicable) and any “gap” will be charged to you.
A gap exists because Medicare and health fund rebates over time have not risen in line with the costs of providing anaesthesia services.

If you do not have appropriate health insurance cover, are within your waiting period for cover or your cover has lapsed, you will be responsible for the total anaesthetic fee.

The Australian Society of Anaesthetists has an excellent guide to how your private health insurance works:

ASA Billing Information Sheet